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Mental Health in the Construction Sector – A Report

Health in the construction sector has always been a high priority for the sector and a core part of the industry’s safety culture. Over the last decade, the focus has expanded to include mental health. This is now more important than ever as we realise the huge impact it has on our personal and professional lives.  The Construction Workers’ Sick Pay Trust partnered with the Construction Industry Federation to look at the impact on mental health in the construction sector.

The CIF Mental Health Report represents a benchmark for measurement of our progress towards an industry culture that protects, supports and nurtures employee wellbeing. To download the full report, please visit the CIF website.

Andy O’Gorman Chairman of the Construction Workers’ Sick Pay Trust said;

“The Trust is very pleased to support the launch of this survey. He said that the Construction Workers’ Sick Pay Trust is committed to the promotion of better health, including mental health and well-being for all workers in the construction sector. He urged all parties to support an increased focus on the mental health and well-being of workers as well as a continued focus on the physical health and safety of workers.”

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